What is dark fiber?

Dark Fiber, also known as Unlit Fiber or Black fiber, is a common term in Telecom and Network Communications. Dark fiber is an unused optical fiber that has been laid but is not currently active. Dark Fiber should not be dark, and should rather be taken advantage of.  Utilize our customized dark fiber map solutions to help businesses just like yours. Field Engineer can get you connected. Discover which engineers can help you today! 



When fiber optic cables are installed, many companies overestimate the total amount of supplies and cables needed in order to perform the job. The reason behind this overestimation is to ensure that the company can prevent their dark fiber network from gaining an overgrowth of data. Preventative measures and advances in data-packaging have allowed for a multitude of optical Fiber networks to have unused extraneous space. This extra space allows for the opportunity for dark fiber networks to become functional through expansion.



Dark Fiber can be affordably bought and used by individuals. However, businesses and other organizations are more likely to get the most out of dark fiber bandwidth, since they have a higher demand for their internet. Black fiber also ensures that businesses will have almost complete control over their network infrastructure. Government institutions, schools, e-commerce, and retail companies are some of the many who can benefit from dark fiber. These particular organizations require fast and secure internet capabilities due to the transmission of large files of sensitive data.